Dr. Belmeur by THEFACESHOP

Review time~

Have been using the Dr. Belmeur line by THEFACESHOP for a couple weeks now and boy what a difference does it make. I was a little skeptical at first because nothing I've used in the past really helped in keeping my oily skin at bay. But guess what, I realized I've been reaching for my oil blotters a lot lesser now, so that's real testament to how good the product is!

I would safely say I love all the products in this line but I would say their star product for me would have to be their clarifying moisturizer. I tend to avoid moisturizers as I hate that tacky sticky feeling I get after using them but with this one, all I feel after application is baby soft skin. (P.S. Their cushion is really natural looking and easy to apply as well!)

So far I would say this range has become my daily staple and holy grail but my stubborn skin tends to get used to product very quickly so we will have to see how things goes. Willl be posting a one month usage review soon so stay tuned!

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