Face Shaping at Halley Medical Asthetics

As mentioned in my previous post, i was looking to give my face a boost and was advised by Dr. Terence Tan to do so with a combination of Botox and fillers.

It has been 3 weeks since i first did the Botox treatment and i went back to Halley Medical Aesthetics to follow up on my journey towards a more photogenic and youthful face!

One of the concerns that i had before i did the treatment was that i didn't want my face shape to be too slim as i thought that i would end up looking soft. Also, I have had friends who did fillers and they turned out slightly unnatural looking. This is because the area and amount of fillers to inject is very important 

It takes someone with experience to get the procedure done right and i am writing this with completely honesty when i say that i am really glad that it was Dr. Terence Tan who did the fillers for me. He knew exactly what i wanted from the get go and all the doubts that i had about going ahead with the treatment was put the rest once i spoke to him.

When it comes to filler, the area and amount of fillers to inject is very important as too little fillers will have no impact while placing too much will make you look too feminine.

He suggested a little dermal fillers on the tip of the chin without making it too sharp, a little on the pre-jowl area to make the chin more masculine and along the marionette lines to rejuvenate the face.

Besides the shape of my face, another area that Dr. Tan treated was my mid face area which includes the tear trough and cheeks. how he did it was using his "sandwich technique" for fillers. This involves injecting Juvederm Voluma, which is a firmer filler below for lift first before injecting Juvederm Vobella, which is a softer filler to smoothen out the fine lines resulting  in a more natural look.

 During the procedure, Dr Tan used a Magic Needle instead of normal needle on me. This Magic Needle is actually a micro-cannula used for injecting dermal fillers, which distributes the filler more evenly. During the procedure, Dr. Tan only needs to make one entry point instead of multiple ones. He then slides this needle under the skin and this method ensures a more even fill with minimal pain or bruising. As the Magic Needle is blunt and extremely pliable, it goes under our skin with minimal pain. Best part about using this Magic Needle it also helps in reducing the chances of skin bruising during the injection.

The moment all of you have been waiting for. The results! No prize for guessing which is the before and which is the after!

I am completely in awe with the results! Not only do i look natural, my dark eye circles are less prominent, i look a lot less tired and the shape of my face is so much more refined.

Thank you Dr. Tan!

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