Facial Rejuvenation at M Aesthetic Clinic

Aging gracefully. Isn't that all that we can hope for as age catches up on us? Sadly, unlike the rare genetically blessed people in the world , the signs of aging have been creeping up on me.

On the bright side i am not cursed with much skin wrinkling but the area around my eyes were the first to show signs of age. No matter how much i sleep, i will still wake up in the morning with dark eye circles and huge eye bags, resulting in me always looking tired .

Another concern of mine was the shadow under my lips area. While it is not really obvious in real life, i always find it an eyesore to see when i am taking pictures of myself. Knowing that the problem is only going to get worse, i paid a visit to M-Aesthetic Clinic.

The consultation with Dr Ho Rui Ming, was like talking to an old friend.

He was really attentive to my needs and made sure he understood what my concerns are before suggesting that the best way to solve my problems are to use fillers .

While there are many type of fillers in the market, Dr Ho suggested using JUVÉDERM VOLUMA to correct my age-related volume loss in the cheeks to help create a more youthful appearance and appear fresher.

Best part is, you can expect up to 80% improvement in just one session and effects can be seen immediately with minimal downtime.

With just the fillers, it will improve my 2 areas of concerns. For the under eye & cheek area, it will help to replace volume, give cheeks a lift, lines and depressions formed from the tear trough are also smoothened, resulting in more energized look. As for my under lip corners, shadow will be reduced through the replacement of volume, creating a fuller look.

Dr Ho started the treatment by identifying and marking out the areas to treat and enhance. While he was doing so, we chatted about everything under the sun and it honestly made me a feel a lot more relaxed before the treatment. Right after, topical and local anaesthesia was administered to the areas that will be filled so as to ensure maximum comfort. We waited for a few minutes before Dr Ho made sure that i was numb and ready before administering fillers via an entry point.

While i wasn't expecting it to be a whole lot of pain, what surprised me even more was how little the pain was. I did not even know that the treatment was over and when i looked into the mirror, i was already looking so much better!

In terms of what you will experience post treatment, i struggle to find anything to write about as i did not experience any form of discomfort. Points of injections looks like small mosquito bites so i am confident to say that people would not even notice it unless they are staring super closely at your face and as for swelling, i experienced non of that. Consider me a fan!

Thank you Dr Ho for your wonderful hospitality and recommendation ! Not only do i look more youthful, i have been getting a lot less of the "did you get enough sleep?" comments after the treatment!

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