Review : Marine Miracle Facial at Haach

Confession: I love going for facials. With my busy work life, i tend to neglect my skin a little and going for a facial always feels like salvation for my skin.

Haach is a trusted and award winning homegrown “Total Lifestyle Wellness” service provider in the premium spa, face, skin, body and product care industry since 1997 offering just about every solution there is when it comes to skin problems.

Stepping into the Haach outlet at Orchard Central was an experience by itself, the staff was quick to attend to me and you can see that much though has been put into the furnishing and decorations to make it feel as luxurious as possible, signalling the start of an awesome experience.

Pre- Facial

The aesthetician got me a nice cup of tea and started off the session by asking me questions about my skin , what my trouble areas are, my concerns and what i am looking to improve. After getting all the information that she needs, i was recommended the famous marine miracle facial.

This cell-renewal accelerating treatment Infuses 20 types of organic herbal extracts with high touch skin therapy service to maximise the benefits of the Age-Defying Marine Miracle. Featuring a 6 step process, this facial is enriched with nano active agents to induce better penetration into the dermal layers for better efficacy that results in:

1. Eradicates dead skin cells

2. Stimulates the production of collagen

3. Improves elasticityLifts and re-densifies skin

4. Energise dull and tired-looking skin

5. Boosts luminosity

6. Locks in moisture

7. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

With so many benefits form just one facial, i got really excited and quickly changed into their comfy robe before starting my facial.

The Facial Experience

My aesthetician started off the session with a short shoulder massage to ease all my tension and went on to remove all the oil and dirt from my face using their diamond white cleansing gel. You know how there is a distinct expensive smell when you step into a spa? That cleanser smells exactly like that and it was pure heaven.

After that was done, she went on to double cleanse my face using the marine concentrate lotion. I was told that this step helps to remove the dead skin cells built up on the surface of our skin for better absorption of products later.

Next up came the part of the facial that you either love or hate. The extraction.

While most people hate the associated pain that comes with extraction, it is the part of getting a facial that i love the most. The idea that all the dirt and gunk hidden under your skin is finally gotten rid of just gives me so much satisfaction. (I'm weird i know).

The entire process itself took about 10 mins and i must say it wasn't painful at all! She was very skilled in what she does and i looked into the mirror right after and saw clearer looking skin, not angry red skin, so that is a clear winner.

The aesthetician continued working her work on me by applying the micro marine renewal mask to stimulate production of collagen, lift the skin and tighten out any wrinkles and left me alone to rest and relax while the mask work its magic. After 20 minutes, the hydra illuminating marine mask and regenerating serum was then applied to my skin using their special facial massage technique.

By this time, it already felt like pure bliss to me so i was a little sad when the aesthetician informed me that the facial was done after applying their sunblock on me.

Post Facial:

To be honest, i did not see that much of a difference in my skin except for the subtle glow that i had after leaving the spa but the results finally showed in the following days after my facial. Not only was my skin visibly brighter, it looked smoother as well. So much so that my mum noticed the difference and asked me what i did.

To sum it up, Gorgeous atmosphere, friendly staff, relaxing facial and fantastic skin after, what's not to love?

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