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Am i the only one who thinks that wrinkles have a scary way of creeping up on you? One day you are looking in the mirror at your smooth visage and the next day you have a face full of lines and wrinkles.

Okay, i might have exaggerated it a little bit but the truth is, more often than not, you do not notice wrinkles before they are deep and prominent. While i do try to maintain a good facial regime, there are simple too many contributing factors as to how wrinkles are formed. UV exposure, smoking, movement of facial muscles, Loss of skin elasticity and volume, the list just goes on and on!

My entire life, i have had oily skin, so with that curse, came the blessing that i do not get a lot of wrinkles, or so i thought. In the past year, whenever i am looking at photos that i have taken, i noticed that the crow's feet around my eyes and slight wrinkle on my forehead are looking deeper and deeper. While i am all for aging gracefully, i did not want the wrinkles to get more prominent, thats when i turned to Dr Ho at M- Aesthetic clinic.

Even before my consultation with Dr Ho, i knew that Botox would probably be the solution to my problem areas as this is not my first experience with Botox, i first read up on it when i wanted to have a slimmer face and Botox worked so well for me back then! How Botox works to create a V-shape face is by administering it to the desired area (specific jaw muscle) by a very fine needle, this causes the muscle to relax and shrink, causing a slimming effect on the jaw line and is an important step in attaining that V-shape. While local anaesthesia is usually not required, it may be provided for patient comfort. Effects are usually seen within 4 – 6 weeks, and no downtime is required!

For those of you out there at do not know what botox is or does, essentially, Botox is a drug prepared from botulin, used medically to treat certain muscular conditions and commonly used cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralysing facial muscles. The amazing thing about Botox is that besides the ability to remove wrinkles in a very short process and no downtime, it can also help with:

- Face slimming to give it a V-shape Face

- Shaping the Brow/ Browlift

- Improving a “gummy smile” (too much gum is revealed when smiling)

- Shrinking bulky calves to give legs a long and slender look

Talking to Dr Ho, my one and only concern was that i will have a frozen face by the end of the treatment. He assured me that with the Botox injected in the right area and in suitable dosages, that would not be a problem at all!

The areas which Dr Ho will inject is my eye area to target the crow feet, glabella (space in between my eyebrows) and my forehead. Before actually injecting me with the Botox, Dr Ho carefully identified and marked out the areas to treat and enhance. After making sure that he has pinpoint all right areas, he then administered the Botox via an entry point. As mentioned, this is not my first experience with Botox so i know that it is unlikely to be painful , but what surprised me is how little i felt during the administration itself. For those of you who have a low threshold of pain, i can assure you, it really does feel like nothing at all!

The entire process took about 20 mins and although the effect is not immediate, Dr Ho assured me that i will start seeing the results within a week!

Thank you Dr Ho for helping me achieve a youthful look! For those of you who are also keen to try this, just quote ANDREWKAYDEN to enjoy 10% off all botox treatments and a complimentary appointment with Dr Ho!

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