Review of the Haach Ginseng Facial

If you have been following my post on instagram closely, you will know that i have been crazy busy and stressed out with the insane amount of work that i have to get done so i was really looking forward to having a little me time getting my facial done at Haach.

Going in, i was informed that they have a new treatment named the Ginseng facial added to their extensive menu of treatments aimed to improve your skin no matter what skin woes you are facing.

I was told that this treatment will be good for someone who is still young but is looking to delay the effects of aging. Sounds perfect to me!

Benefits of the facial include:

1. Lifted, radiant complexion

2. Intensive moisturization

3. A boost in skin regeneration

4. Even up skin tone

5. Stimulate oxygen levels in skin

Before i got started with my faciaL, they gave me their signature welcome massage which i love. Followed by the usual double cleansing that most facials will provide. After that was done, the beautician exfoliated my face to ensure that my skin is in optimal condition to receive all the goodness of the products that they will be applying later.

The beautician then did a gentle extraction on me and what i realised is that compared to the previous time, i had a lot less clogged pores! That definitely took me by surprised as i have really oily skin and i have always struggled with clogged pores. i guess my effort in taking care of my skin is paying off!

A royal red Ginseng radiant complexion serum was applied to my skin after the extraction and once it had been absorbed, my beautician did a Bo Jin Meridian massage using their Red Ginseng Anti-Aging cream and boy did it feel good. I have always been a fan of massages but never really had one done on my face and all i can say is, im a fan! Something about their technique makes me feel like it helps improve the blood circulation on my face for the pink healthy glow.

For the last step of the facial, they applied the Royal Red Ginseng Mask ( it smells amazing!) on me and thanks to the cosy environment at Haach, i was asleep in no time.

All in all, i enjoyed my experience with the ginseng facial here at Haach and i can't wait to be back again! As for the results, this is a picture taken after my facial and i think you can tell from the glow that it is definitely working!

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